Flavoured Teas

A Flavoured Tea can be any of the other "normal" types - White, Green or Black - with some other, non-tea flavouring added to it. The flavouring is usually either a fruit, herb or spice and you can find almost any combination you care to dream up, somewhere in the world. We stock a small selection that we think are... well, just very good!

Please be aware that, in common with many of our teas, a repeat order cannot be guaranteed to taste exactly like the last time you ordered it. The taste can depend on so many factors, including the weather and time of picking of the actual tea that, actually, you can be fairly sure it won't be quite the same. But it will still be good.

Click here for more information about the differences between our teas.

We currently don't have any flavoured teas in stock but will have very soon - please check back in a week or so!

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